Hints and Tricks for 4×4 Trailer Users

by Conqueror Admin | Jan 18, 2021

4 Helpful Hints and Tricks for 4×4 Trailer Users.

There’s no better way to take in the beautiful landscapes of Africa than a camping trip, and if you have an off-road vehicle able to drive on a range of surfaces, there are many more amazing sights available to you. 4×4 trailers and caravans make it possible to immerse oneself in nature for much longer stretches than can be accommodated by the storage space of your vehicle alone.

Conqueror was around for the rise of commercial sales of off-road campers to the growing community of off-road enthusiasts. And with a history of developing trailers for military use, our 4×4 trailers performed well in the trying conditions of South Africa’s, 4×4 tracks.

Helpful Hints and Tricks

Over the years, a multitude of helpful little tricks have emerged as millions of people continue to enjoy camping trips the world over. We’ve put together a few of the most important bits of advice for beginners and veterans alike.

  1. Get a Coupling Lock

You might not leave your caravan or trailer unattended on your trip, but if you ever feel like going for a day trip or for some off-road driving in your vehicle while leaving your home-base set up, a coupling lock will give you that extra peace-of-mind. A tow-away theft is not very likely in a busy park or campsite, but it’s better to minimise that likelihood as far as we can. Coupling locks are quite inexpensive, and given the relative price of the caravan or 4×4 trailer it guards, these locks have a great return on investment.

  1. Bring a Water Pipe with Fittings

Many parks and stops offer the chance of a water refill, but the hoses, if there even are any, can’t be trusted to be clean. Rather have your own dedicated tank refill pipe along with a range of fittings and couplings. You can even get an in-line water filter to throw into the mix for some extra clean water.

  1. Get Levelling Ramps

A set of levelling ramps will extend your possibilities for setting up camp anywhere you want to. Whether there’s no level ground in the area or you just want “that spot”, levelling ramps will come in handy. They can, of course, be used as chocks as well.

  1. Steel Rims are Reparable

If you’re really going 4x4ing, equip some steel rims on your trailer or caravan. Though alloy wheels will resist chipping and bending better than steel in most situations, if there is ever a severe knock, alloy is more likely to crack in an irreparable manner. A bent steel rim can at least sometimes be hammered back into reasonable shape, allowing you to make it back to civilisation for a repair or replacement.


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