The Conqueror Conquest – Feature Packed Conqueror

by dewet | Nov 24, 2021

Conqueror: To Conquest and Beyond

Our award-winning camper and trailer designs have changed substantially over the years as more and more lessons are passed on to us by our customers out in the field. Conquerors of many different shapes have taken on the South African terrain, each contributing to the design decisions of the next generation of caravans and trailers that we develop.

This cycle of continuous improvement eventually resulted in a very popular trailer: the Conqueror Conquest. Conqueror UEV-14This nimble yet cosy camper is a proud exemplar of the spirit of Conqueror caravans and trailers and has given many travellers many great experiences.

It was a Conquest that kicked off a five-year deal between Conqueror and anti-poaching activists working in the Dinokeng Nature Reserve. These activists were tracking rhinos through the reserve and administering a human-irritant to the horns of these rhinos, along with a potent ink that cannot be removed by any practical process. These measures gave any potential poachers no other option but to leave the rhino alone in search of untreated rhino horn.

As part of the deal, Conquest trailers and other Conqueror caravans were lent to the anti-poaching teams free of charge. Over the course of the agreement, an estimated R1.65 million worth of services and fees were donated by Conqueror as part of our contribution to the preservation of this beautiful country and all creatures that call it home.

Quite some time has passed since the heyday of the Conquest, but the trend of excellence is simply continued by our current line of camping trailers. The Compact and Comfort trailers have an immediately recognisable family resemblance to the Conquest, but with the benefit of newer technologies and materials giving them the technological edge.

The Compact is perfect for couples, with a double bed housed in a body packed with amenities. Once you get to the site, hot showers and convenient cooking are just a few short minutes away. Click here to have a closer look.

The Comfort, living up to its name, boasts everything that the Compact does plus extra. The most striking upgrade is the huge king-size bed, big enough for most small families! An enormous 150-litre water tank will keep you stocked up for longer, and the 7x7m awning available for the Comfort will turn your camp into a sheltered oasis. Peek at the impressive features on this one right here.

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