Explore with 4×4 Trailers

by Conqueror Admin | Jan 19, 2022

Really Explore Your Country with 4×4 Trailers

South Africa (and its neighbours in the region) offers some of the best travel destinations in the world for the more adventurous traveller. South Africa is ideal for camping road trips, especially if you are prepared to leave the tarred roads behind and tackle the vast network of untraversed gravel roads and 4×4 trails. Anyone who owns a vehicle with reasonably high ground clearance and a tent can “go off-road” but there are some destinations that are only accessible with a 4×4.

There is no reason why a camping road trip can’t be a comfortable, convenient and even luxurious experience. A 4×4 vehicle, and trailers or caravans purpose-built for off-road camping will get you to places of amazing natural beauty while providing all of the home comforts required. In many instances, the appeal of the off-road lifestyle is infectious, and the bug will bite you.

4×4 Trailers: How to Choose

Once you’re committed to enjoying this kind of holiday and you start your research, you’ll quickly discover the bewildering array of different 4×4 trailers or caravans on offer. Some are imported from countries like Australia and some are locally manufactured. Which of the many 4×4 trailers on offer is the best for your intended use?

The key consideration before buying camper trailers is what you will use the unit for. Will you be driving mostly on tar and good gravel roads, or will you drive on difficult off-road terrain? Off-road terrain requires a more robust chassis and suspension design. How many people you need to accommodate comes should be considered next. Larger options are required for more people, and this will have a bearing on the size of the vehicle required to tow the trailer.

Durability, Ease of Use and Set-up

4×4 trailers need to be quick and easy to set up (and disassemble). Unfortunately, there are going to be times when set-up will be in the dark or while it’s raining or both! Choose a unit that makes off-road driving as safe and stress-free as possible. Auto-reverse brake deactivation on units with run-in brakes is an example of how convenience and safety with these vehicles are enhanced. It goes without saying that the unit must be water- and dustproof.

In order to be durable, 4×4 trailers’ chassis design, including the axle and suspension system, need to meet approved standards with regard to strength, length, rigidity, weight and a number of other specifications.

Tow hitches also need to adhere to specifications set out by law to ensure there are no failures during towing.

Choose a Company with a Proven Track Record

State-of-the-art design, exceptional craftsmanship and modern manufacturing techniques typify Conqueror’s 4×4 trailers. With over 30 years’ experience, Conqueror is one of the oldest and largest off-road trailer and caravan manufacturers in South Africa.

Conqueror offers unsurpassed durability in its comprehensive range of camping trailers. Get in touch to find out more.