Durable Off Road Trailers and Caravans

by Conqueror Admin | Oct 25, 2021

Durable Off Road Trailers and Caravans

If you’re travelling off road, there’s no substitute for high-quality, durable equipment that won’t leave you stranded in an unfrequented, harsh terrain. Trailers and caravans are prone to damage from both driver error and environmental conditions, and if you find yourself with a broken trailer that cannot be easily fixed, it’s a very long day getting back to the comfort of civilisation.

Few understand the harsh truths of off road adventure like us here at Conqueror. Decades of experience designing and repairing campers specifically suited to off road driving has taught us many a hard lesson, which has influenced the DNA of our durable off road trailers and caravans, along with the range of accessories that we offer.

An example of this is the recurring use of Ripstop canvas for our camper trailers and accessories. Canvas tents have been around for a very long time, but traditional canvas was still vulnerable to a host of problems, not least of which was the bulk and weight of the material.

All current Conqueror campers use durable Ripstop canvas for any ‘soft’ parts like fold-out tents and awnings. This keeps accidental tears to a minimum while providing impressive insulation from the elements. This is achieved without the massive bulk of the traditional canvas, so your durable off road trailer or caravan is lighter in transit and nimbler off road.durable off road trailers

Ripstop canvas is also stain- and leak-resistant, which is something that campers have had to struggle with for ages in old canvas tents.

Turning to the rest of the materials we use in our camper trailers, you’ll find few items on the market with more durable construction materials. High-quality steel frames, electro-galvanised for corrosion resistance, form a solid base for the body.

Our frames are also modular, meaning that they can be taken apart if required, without cutting and damaging the camper. This enables you to easily replace only those parts that have become damaged, without having to deal with dodgy welding jobs or wasting money on whole new frames.

Riding on top of these strong frames are our durable caravan and trailer body designs, which incorporate materials like aluminium for extra weight savings. Parts of the body are powder coated. This thick protective layer provides excellent scratch and chip resistance while driving off road. The highest quality glues and fasteners are also used to hold everything together, especially during the bumpiest parts of the journey.

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