Durable Camping Trailers

by Conqueror Admin | Mar 17, 2022

Why choose Conqueror for camping trailers?

Deciding on the right supplier for your camping requirements can be very trying and often misleading. What we almost always get are suppliers promising the world but delivering only the seeds. So why choose Conqueror as your supplier of choice when shopping for a camping trailer? The answer is a simple one, Conqueror is the industry leader in caravans and camping trailers.

Investing in, or renting, an asset of this pedigree could save you thousands in the long run. From the materials used in the body construction and accessories, your unique choice of Conqueror camping trailers is built to last.

Which type should you choose?

Whether travelling as a twosome or as a small family, depending on the luxuries you require, Conqueror’s range of Comfort Platinum or Compact Platinum Editions and Comfort Recce Limited or Compact Recce Limited Editions are perfectly matched for your individual requirements.

At Conqueror, we want you to get that home-away-from-home feel that we offer with our range of camping trailers. Comfortable beds, simple set-up-and-use kitchenettes with ample storage space, outdoor showers and easy-to-install awnings allow us to make your camping experience enjoyable and memorable.

With our unique design and assembly techniques, you won’t need to spend hours setting up camp.

Conqueror won’t leave you in the dark

The Comfort Platinum Edition, Compact Platinum Edition, Comfort Recce Limited Edition and Compact Recce Limited Edition come equipped with deep cycle batteries, DC plugs and intelligent chargers to ensure that your choice of camping trailer will have enough electricity throughout your journey, day and night.

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Luxurious interiors join forces with exterior durability

Luxurious interiors are all well and good but having a camping trailer that will withstand the elements is what is most important. After all, you don’t want to have to spend your holiday fixing problems that might arise.

Our range is manufactured using a combination of aluminium and motor industry-grade electro-galvanised steel for a durable exterior that will last. Add to that the powder coating on all our parts to make our range more resistant against scratches, chipping and wear and fade. Structural components are also designed and manufactured for maximum strength with minimal weight.

Because, at Conqueror, we want your investment to last.

With a business spanning over 30 years and more and having won the prestigious The Great Outdoors Guide’s Caravan of the Year and Off-Road Trailer of the Year awards, we are definitely geared towards supplying you with one of the best camping trailers to suit your specific needs. Why not choose Conqueror? This is the question you should rather ask. Get in touch with us today.