Conqueror’s Caravans for Sale

by Conqueror Admin | Dec 17, 2020

Rough, Tough and Ready – Conqueror’s Caravans for Sale

Conqueror stands apart for the sale of quality caravans. If you need tough and functional caravans, have a look at the range we have for sale.


Our Companion caravan is packed with convenience. It features 2 double beds, 3 cupboards and a portable table. There’s a retractable kitchen drawer with fridge storage and a range of amenities. The Companion has 160 litres of water capacity providing hot and cold water to the kitchen and shower.

The Companion Platinum Edition has the added extras of upgraded alloy rims and standard interior fans. The Companion Recce Limited Edition comes equipped with:

  • Upgraded air suspension
  • A standard media centre
  • Waterflow/level measurement
  • DC charger and MPPT Solar Regulator
  • 360-degree Insta-awning
  • A big range of branded furnishings like cutlery, bedding and many other accessories


The Commander caravan has increased capacity with 12 internal cupboards and six shelves. The rear double bed can also be converted into a dinette area. The shower is outfitted with a washbasin and storage compartment. The Commander also comes with hot and cold water capability for the kitchen and shower.

Commander Platinum Edition

The Platinum Edition comes with standard dagger alloy rims and interior fans. It also comes stocked with a fully enclosed exterior shower.

The Commander Recce Limited Edition caravan comes for sale with:

  • Air suspension
  • Standard media centre
  • Standard waterflow/level measurement
  • DC-to-Dc Charger and MPPT Solar Regulator
  • Standard 360-degree awning
  • A big range of branded furnishings like cutlery, bedding and many other accessories

UEV 14

This lightweight caravan for sale is perfect for 2 occupants. It features a double bed, retractable kitchen drawer, hot and cold water, an external shower, 190 litre water tanks and a 270-degree awning. It is built as tough as the rest of the Conqueror line with independent D-arm suspension and double shock absorbers.

UEV 17

The UEV 17 caravan steps it up to a 4-occupant capacity with a big, front fold-out, double bed and the side fold-out double bed. The side fold-out bed can be converted into a dinette and there are two access doors, one of which can be used to access the external shower with increased privacy. It also features the large 270-degree awning.

UEV 25

The UEV 25 caravans for sale provide superior convenience for four occupants with an internal toilet and shower, upright fridge-freezer and 100 litres more water capacity. It has 2 double beds with the front double bed being free standing.

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