Conqueror Off Road Trailers

by Conqueror Admin | Jun 21, 2022

The Ultimate Adventure is Possible with Off Road Trailers

It has taken months, but you have finally managed to put time aside to go on that road trip that you have always wanted to from South Africa to Namibia. Planning an extended road trip involving border crossings can be a very daunting exercise. Decisions need to be made about the planned route, petrol stops along the way, bathroom facilities, as well as food and accommodation or designated camping areas. The best way to conquer the terrains that you will be traversing, factoring in enough supplies and all the backup you need, is with off road trailers.

Conquering the Great Outdoors

Travelling to Namibia means that you will be navigating your vehicle and trailer through some tough terrains. The good news is that with one of Conqueror’s range of off road trailers, whether it is the Comfort Platinum Edition, Compact Platinum Edition, Comfort Recce Limited Edition or Compact Recce Limited Edition; the path you choose to travel will handle like a smooth, tarred road.

Standard trailers will not always get you to where you need to go, but with Conqueror’s off road trailers you have access to the toughest routes as they are uniquely designed to ensure stability on the road, whether tarred or off the beaten track. A 2.5-ton solid beam axle with eye-to-eye shackle leaf springs together with all-terrain tyres encased in alloy rims will make what would otherwise be a bumpy ride feel like a drive down a country lane.

Toughness and Durability like No Other

As the hot-dipped galvanised A-Frame and chassis ensure no corrosion and less maintenance, this will provide you with overall peace of mind knowing that you can travel through the length and breadth of Namibia worry-free until you reach your final destination – the Namib Desert.

Conqueror Off Road Trailers

Once there, we won’t leave you completely deserted as Conqueror’s off road trailers have enough external storage for jerry can holders, gas bottles and a large nosecone with dedicated axe-and-spade mountings.  With the added benefit of low centre of gravity water tanks and an instant hot-water geyser, you can enjoy rejuvenating warm showers despite camping out in the heart of the desert.

Beauty Meets the Beast

Externally, Conqueror’s off road trailers are rugged beasts but, on the inside, we offer intrepid explorers much-needed comfort and rest after a long day of travelling. The beauty is in the interior layout that provides enough space, storage, lighting and a luxurious night’s rest so that you can recharge your batteries to face another day exploring.

From the tarred roads of South Africa to the desert plains of Namibia, Conqueror’s off road trailers will get you there.