Conqueror 4×4 Off Road Caravans for Sale

by dewet | Nov 24, 2021

The Pros of Conqueror 4×4 Caravans

Looking at the caravans for sale today, it seems there’s a preference for big, mobile-home style campers, with their boxy shapes and seemingly mandatory white colour. This trend never captured us at Conqueror, since we don’t focus on trends – we focus on performance.

Our caravan designs are some of the best off-road campers for sale having been designed primarily with rugged terrain and off-road performance in mind. 4x4 off road caravans for sale Even if you’re not a wild mud wrangler, a Conqueror caravan will handle any dirt road or beach-side camp spot you throw at it, giving you many happy years of stress-free getaways.

Compact Travelling

In their transit state, our caravans are just over 2 metres wide, which has some great towing benefits. Firstly, they are not as intimidating as other, wider caravans on sale today since they do not block as much field of view in your rear-view mirrors. This also makes them less prone to snag branches and other roadside features in dense bush areas or on rocky passes.

Finally, long trips can rack up the kilometres in a hurry, and every kilometre spent towing a narrower caravan is added fuel savings for you. After several thousand kilometres of travelling in a few years, your savings on fuel can be substantial.

Spacious Living

After so many years in the sale of caravans, we have hit upon a design feature that characterises Conquerors for its striking appearance and huge benefits. That is the fold-out structures that we incorporate into our designs. We manage to squeeze the best of both tent camping and caravanning into one great camper.

The nostalgic sound and feel of a tent flapping in the breeze or the sound of zips running in the early morning as people emerge from their tents are not lost in a Conqueror caravan but simply enhanced. The interior spaces feel open and liveable, since the fold-out sections increase the internal volume of the caravan, and provide ample opportunity to let fresh air and natural light into the interior space.

Tough Going

All the comfort and convenience of our campers would be wasted if they couldn’t make it to the campsite in the first place. Fortunately, Conquerors have a military pedigree as they were originally designed for military use. Patented suspension systems carry our caravans over the most demanding paths, and a frame design perfected by decades of trialling gives our campers durability that few other caravans for sale today can match.

Have a look at our award-winning caravans for sale HERE, and reach out to us with any questions you might have.