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by Conqueror Admin | Dec 03, 2020

Conqueror: More Than a Claim to Conquest

In October of 2020, farming families were met with a gut-wrenching sight – a voracious veld fire establishing itself on the landscape. Despite efforts to control the fire, roughly 100 000 hectares of land were ravaged and hundreds of animals perished.

Once the news had spread, and an appeal had been made by Agri SA for donations, more than 50 trucks began hauling donated necessities to the affected areas. Many compassionate citizens and organisations generated a surge of aid – among them, Conqueror.

In the midst of uncertainty, it’s good to know that organisations like Conqueror are doing their best to support the community.

And it’s not the first time.

Save the Rhinos

In an effort to halt the tragic decimation of rhino populations, Dr Charles van Niekerk, a wildlife veterinarian and landowner at Dinokeng Wildlife Reserve, developed a treatment for rhino horns that makes them unattractive as targets of poaching.

This treatment, however, is difficult to implement, given that the solitary rhinos roam far and wide in the Dinokeng Game Reserve. This is where the folks at Conqueror stepped up and, after some consultation, donated the free use of their campers for a period of 5 years – equivalent to R1.65 million in rental fees.

The first trailer to do a tour of duty was the popular Conqueror Conquest. The Conquest was used as accommodation for the team, often spending nights out in the reserve, in order to carry out the operation more effectively. The Conqueror Conquest trailer also served as an operations centre, from which the activities of the team were coordinated.

Over the years, Conquests, as well as other models of Conqueror campers, have been involved in several more expeditions to protect rhino populations – work desperately needed if future generations are to appreciate the sight of the majestic rhino.

Stop the Virus

Recently, Conqueror developed a compact sanitizer booth. The booth features facial recognition, temperature scanning, ID document identification, a hand-sanitizer dispenser, and an automated full-body sanitizing compartment.

The highly autonomous operation of this booth means that possibly hazardous cases can be identified with minimal risk to personnel. A major concern of 2020, and possibly for many years to come, has been how to maintain safety and identify hazardous infections in a world where disease threatens not only the lives of the vulnerable, but also the stability of global and domestic economies.

Conqueror’s development of the sanitization booth rises to address the concern and halt the conquest of civilization by the novel coronavirus. The booth leverages modern tech to deliver the high degree of caution that will be demanded of us for the foreseeable future.

Have a closer look at the advanced sanitation booth, or view Conqueror Conquest trailers today!