Conqueror Companion X Caravan

by Conqueror Admin | Nov 16, 2023

Discover Off-Road Bliss with the Conqueror Companion X Caravan

Getting away and immersing yourself in nature as well as thrill-seeking adventure doesn’t need to come with a pre-planned itinerary or hefty price tag. With Conqueror’s Companion X caravan, you will have the freedom to find the seldom-travelled path without having to compromise on comfort, no matter where your end destination might be.

Companion X: Exceeding the Standard for Compact Caravan Design

At Conqueror, we are constantly seeking ways to provide you with extra amenities and heightened functionality to improve your journey, and are, therefore, proud to introduce the Companion X. Assembled using aeronautical building techniques and motor industry materials, this caravan offers you the same level of convenience and comfort, wrapped in a compact design, that our multi-award-winning Companion does. From the interior through to the exterior, we at Conqueror have included all the signature qualities of the Commander – the only difference being that we have added a few extra whistles and bells.

Internal Comfort and Additional Space

We understand that there is always a need for additional storage space and have come up with innovative designs to include it without compromising on floor space. Three clothing cupboards, big enough to pack travel suitcases, are ideally located in front of the side fold-out double bed. At Conqueror, we want you to enjoy all the amenities that the Companion X has to offer, and with that in mind, have improved the grocery cupboards, which can comfortably stock enough groceries for a lengthy period, and of course, a bottle of wine or two.

Conqueror Companion X Caravan

We have introduced a dual-purpose new double-fold, high-volume roof design with the Companion X, giving you the feeling of spaciousness. This unique design specification also assists in funnelling hot air out of the caravan, keeping the inside cool – perfect for those warm, balmy summer evenings. The easy-to-use dual pop-up roof covers a large and comfortable high-volume fold-out double bed in the front and a side fold-out double bed just in case you need extra sleeping space. These are but a few of the enhanced specifications that the Companion X has to offer adventurers.

Handling Treacherous and Rough Terrain with Ease

A heavy-duty adjustable jockey wheel that pivots easily makes it possible for you to manoeuvre the Companion X around tight corners even under heavy loads or on soft ground. This, together with the easy fold-out rear stabiliser, provides you with much-needed stability when setting up camp on rough or rocky terrain. Add in the off-road capabilities of the newly upgraded fully independent suspension, hot dipped galvanised boxed A-Frame, and chassis, and you have a caravan that will take you from the urban jungle of Johannesburg to the vast desert dunes of Namibia with ease.

When it comes to adventure-ready caravans, Conqueror’s Companion X is your ideal travel companion, ready to tackle any mountainous terrain and low river bed so that you can find your hidden gem.