Top Tips For Buying 4×4 Trailers

by Conqueror Admin | Dec 15, 2021

4×4 Trailers: What You Should Look For.

If you’ve ever been to an outdoor and camping expo or show looking to purchase a 4×4 trailer, you’ve probably walked away at the end of it completely bewildered by the array of different products on offer. So, how do you decide on which of the many 4×4 trailers is the best for your intended use? Firstly, look for a product that has been designed specifically for off-road and 4×4 travel. 4×4 trailers need to be tough and built without compromise if they are going to cope with the demands of driving off the beaten track. It is also advisable to buy a product that is made by a company that understands off-road travel and knows the region their products will operate in well.

    4x4 Trailers

Look at the basic features that you want. Is it just a 4×4 trailer or is it a camping unit that you will need? If a camping unit is what’s needed, then how many people must be accommodated? How extreme will the terrain be that you intend to drive through? If your intended routes are going to be challenging, 4×4 trailers with excellent departure angles and long drawbars should be considered. The idea is to choose a 4×4 trailer that makes off-road driving as safe and stress-free as possible. Auto-reverse brake deactivation will make your experience far easier and less stressful, for instance. This feature allows you to reverse a unit fitted with run-in brakes without leaving your vehicle to manually deactivate the brakes. Another good rule of thumb is to check whether anyone has taken the make and model you are considering over the routes you intend on travelling. It is also important that the unit is easy to set up for camping once you’ve reached your destination. There can be nothing more frustrating than a camper that is difficult and fiddly to set up, particularly if this comes after a long drive through rough terrain.

Choose a Company with a Proven Track Record.

If you’re looking for a company that can guarantee state-of-the-art design and exceptional craftsmanship coupled with modern manufacturing techniques, Conqueror has over 30 years’ experience in the build and design of caravans and trailers. Originally manufacturing trailers for military use, Conqueror expanded into the leisure and camping industry to become one of the most established and largest off-road trailer and caravan manufacturers in South Africa. A philosophy of continuous improvement, class-leading comfort and superior durability has made Conqueror a leader in off-road camper design and manufacture.

With the use of electro galvanized steel for all our models’ chassis and core body frames, aluminium for doors and furniture to help reduce weight and coated ripstop canvas for the tents, Conqueror offers unsurpassed durability in their comprehensive range of 4×4 trailers.

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