Caravans for Sale, New and Used

by Conqueror Admin | Apr 26, 2021

New and Used Caravans For Sale.

Conqueror caravans and trailers have housed countless unforgettable getaways over the years. The comfort and convenience that our range offers, means that you can get right to the fun stuff, and rely on your Conqueror caravan to meet all of your needs.

Our current range includes 9 caravan options and 5 trailers. All brimming with the functionality and durability that has earned us our reputation. You’re sure to find the perfect camper for your needs among these, but we also have a wide variety of pre-loved campers for sale.

The previously-owned campers that we have for sale really testify to the endurance of our products. These campers have seen the world and have all returned, some after more than a decade, with still more to give.

Caravans for Sale

These pre-loved caravans and trailers include models that are no longer in production, so if you were hoping to grab the exact model that your friend had on that one trip to the dam, you still have hope! Several models of the Conqueror Conquest, such as the 2012, 2015 and 2020 versions, are available for sale, for example.

We have a 2018 450 Roadster for sale, that has never even been out to the bush. This demo model has been enjoying the air-conditioning and shade of showrooms across the country, and deserves to fulfil its deepest purpose. This caravan comes with a roof-mounted air conditioner, among a variety of classic Conqueror features like a retractable external kitchen and a tented fold-out section for increased living space. Being a Conqueror, it is also tough enough to go anywhere your vehicle can pull it. Take a closer look HERE.

Another interesting pre-loved camper we have for sale is the 2007 Supra 1. This old classic has been knocking around the country for 14 years, and still hasn’t had enough! A very capable camping trailer, the Supra features a unique 2 person tent and large awnings on both sides of the trailer. There’s also a gas stove and a SnoMaster 75 litre fridge/freezer. We are so confident in our products that this trailer still comes with a 6-month warranty. Have a look HERE.

There are many more pre-loved campers for sale, as you can see HERE, all waiting to provide you with the great experiences that they have already brought to many a happy camper. Our sales advisors can answer any questions you might have and help you find the model that’s perfect for your needs.