Caravans For Sale in South Africa

by Conqueror Admin | Mar 25, 2021

Caravans For Sale in South Africa

Southern Africa is a breathtakingly beautiful land. With a variety of landscapes on offer all within a day’s drive,  those passionate about touring and caravanning are spoilt for choice. The terrain can be unforgiving though, and good preparation and quality equipment are essential if you are hoping to get far.

Conqueror specialises in the sale of campers for exactly this niche. Our caravans and trailers are developed and honed on the South African plains, during a period when we did military contracting. Many lessons were learned in those days, as our trailers were towed through the rough terrain wherever the military decided to go. Our designs are uniquely suited to unusually difficult conditions, and especially suited to the various environments of South Africa.

Caravans For Sale in South Africa

This is why we make many sales to off-road and 4×4 enthusiasts. Our specialised off-road designs enable you to explore to your heart’s content. For the most part, if your vehicle can get there, our caravans can follow. Trips to the Namibian desert, for example, would be pretty much impossible with a classic modern caravan, but a convoy of Conqueror caravans and trailers embarked on a similar tour back in 2013.

A video of this great trip can be seen here, where our campers are towed across huge sand dunes after a long drive from South Africa along dry and rocky roads.

There are a few important innovations that make our caravans and trailers perfect for off-road destinations. Most importantly, the suspension of our caravans is a patented independent suspension design. This allows for remarkable handling both on and off-road, with more articulation over bumps and rocks, more ride height and greater stability. This synergises well with the tough alloy wheels we have available as an optional upgrade upon the sale of the caravan.

Our campers also have innovative modular body and frame designs, which make them tougher than the rest. In addition to galvanising, we make use of powder coating to give components a thick layer of protection against scratching and chipping. This ensures that rust is held off for as long as possible, increasing the life-span of your camper.

Since the sale of our campers became available to the public, many South Africans have been enabled to embark on trips like the one mentioned above. Our service network extends across South Africa and we also have branches in Namibia and Botswana, for sales and servicing.

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