Caravans for sale in South Africa

by Conqueror Admin | Dec 17, 2020

Built for Adventure – Conqueror’s Off-road Caravans for Sale in South Africa

If you’re in the market for a caravan, you have probably noticed that most of them are rather bulky and have a preference for the well beaten path. The consumer camper market has tended toward easy travels, with the overall design optimised for long distance travel on tar roads. There are some off-road variants, but none compete with the South African off-road caravan specialists: Conqueror.

Military Pedigree

South Africa has plenty of beautiful landscapes, but in order to get the most of them, you’ll need an off-road caravan. Conqueror is a leader in the sale of tough off-road caravans and trailers. A history of military contracting has honed our products to be as efficient and durable as a well-trained soldier, and now these caravans and camping trailers are for sale to the South African public.

Tough, Weather Resistant Equipment

The rugged South African bush demands the best quality materials be used in the construction of vehicles and caravans. Ours feature electro-galvanised steel, which has superior corrosion resistance to stainless steel. Our body elements are also powder coated for extra resistance to scratching and chipping, and designed to fit together in a modular fashion, to allow for individual parts to be replaced with relative ease. We have 14 sales and service providers throughout southern Africa, which can help you out if you need some repairs.

Patented Suspension

Of course, a strong frame and body is not so useful when you’ve got a de-laminated tyre. All of our caravans have patented, independent suspension with shock absorbers and stabilizers. The increased ride heights and improved articulation over obstacles that this suspension provides protects the tyres by dampening the forces they have to put up with. Our Platinum and Recce Edition caravans come standard with dagger alloy rims, for extra durability, and this is an optional upgrade on our standard models.

Accessories and Amenities

The Recce Edition caravans for sale also come stocked with a host of accessories and amenities, including a TV, radio/DVD player, speakers, bedding and linens, cutlery and crockery, stainless steel fridge, LED lights with a 5m cable, a solar panel, and more. The standard and Platinum caravans can also be equipped with these extras at request. Extra awnings are also available on purchase for up to 360-degree shading around the whole caravan.

Contact Conqueror

If you’re looking to explore South Africa in a way that few caravans on sale today are able to keep up with, then you’re looking for a Conqueror. Contact our friendly team today to get more information about our great range and how we can get you what you need.