Caravans for Sale

by Conqueror Admin | Feb 22, 2021

The Best Caravans for Sale.

There is a massive range of campers for sale these days. As with most products, though, there is a big difference in manufacturers’ priorities and caravan quality across the brands. This is where Conqueror campers outshine the competition.

Our focus on the sale of quality caravans and trailers has earned us a name in the industry, which we have been part of for more than 30 years. With our start in the sale of military equipment, quality and performance have been at the top of our priorities since the beginning, with a particular focus on durability.

Caravans for Sale

The extreme demands of off-road towing in military operations provided an unforgiving proving ground for our camper designs. Our campers are made to be as convenient to tow as possible, and we incorporate tent canvas into our designs to allow the rigid body of the caravans to be as compact as can be. This allows for better rear view vision and balance while towing, without compromising on living space.

In addition to this design choice, one particular feature that makes our campers a dream to tow is the raised tail. Anyone who has had to tow a trailer or caravan through a sharp change in incline will know the value of a raised tail, since it is hard to forget that terrible scraping sound when your prized camper or boat trailer meets the tar of a steep driveway.

Superior Caravans for Sale

Not that Conqueror caravans are too fussed about a little bit of hard going. Our frames, body and suspension components are about as tough as they can be without the addition of some alien technology. We have thrown everything we can into making our campers resistant to wear and tear, with:

  • electro-galvanised, modular, minimally welded frames,
  • patented independent suspension systems with excellent articulation over rough terrain,
  • tough alloy rims,
  • powder coated body components and weight saving aluminium panels,
  • super-strong ripstop canvas for tent components; and
  • the best quality fasteners and glues.

But all this strength would be pointless if it did not contain the comfort that campers are intended to provide in the first place. Our caravans come for sale with huge beds – up to 2m x 2m – that can fit the whole family. They also feature fully outfitted kitchens, with hot and cold water, gas stovetops, basins, ample storage, and space for a decent sized fridge. Even a nice hot shower is on the cards when you’re out in a proud Conqueror caravan.

Contact our friendly team for more information about sales and even rental options.