Camping Trailers That Stand Out From The Rest

by Conqueror Admin | Oct 22, 2020

What Makes These Camping Trailers Better than Others?

Not all camping trailers are created equal, and it shows. When gearing up for your next adventure, keep this in mind. The last thing you want is to find out that your trailer is not up for the challenge halfway on the way to your destination.

Outdoor getaways are all about having fun and relaxation. And while there is certainly a charming appeal to the rustic nature of camping, you still want to enjoy the comfort and convenience offered by quality off-road trailers. That’s the point, after all. Your trailer should not be the reason why you sleep rough at night or struggle to reach your destination.

Only buy the best: Choose the Off-Road Trailer of the Year for the past two years running

The readers of The Great Outdoors Guide, Southern Africa’s best-selling annual caravanning, camping and resort destination guide, certainly know a thing or two about 4×4 trailers. According to them, Conqueror rules the roost.

Why are Conqueror camping trailers so exceptional?

Before Conqueror expanded into the leisure and camping industry, we were manufacturing strong, durable, high-performance trailers for the military. This experience has provided us with all the knowledge we need to create products that are both built to last on African terrain, and cleverly designed to provide as much comfort and convenience as possible.

Discover the Conqueror range:

  • The Conqueror Comfort

This is the ultimate camper trailer. It offers an unparalleled kitchen layout, ample storage space, and a massive king-size bed for extreme comfort. Built using electro-galvanised steel and non-perishable materials, it’s no wonder the public voted the Comfort the number one Off-Road Trailer in South Africa.

  • The Conqueror Compact

This is no ordinary camper. Perfectly balanced, lightweight and packed with Conqueror’s signature comfort and luxuries, this camper is perfect for just the two of you or a small family. Manufactured from durable motor industry materials and assembled using aeronautic build techniques, the Compact will take on any challenge with ease.

  • The Conqueror Courage

The go-anywhere Courage has what it takes to venture wherever your adventures may take you. It’s lightweight and rugged, and its best-in-class departure angles and open plan packing area ensure that it matches your lifestyle with ease.

Ultimately, you want a trailer to make your outdoor adventures that much easier and fun by providing the necessary support, comfort and reliability with ease. That is exactly what you get from Conqueror’s range of exceptional camping trailers. So, before you head out into the outdoors again, make sure you first swing past a Conqueror dealership near you.