Camping Trailers For The Family

by Conqueror Admin | Jan 19, 2022

Camping Trailers Offer the Ideal Family Holiday

Southern Africa offers some of the best holiday destinations in the world for campers and caravanners. Camping and caravanning are incredibly family-friendly holiday options and can be surprisingly cost-effective. The variety of destinations is astounding – from conventional caravan resorts with electricity on each site, super-tube water features and comprehensive ablution facilities to remote off-road destinations where everything needed has to come with you.

The biggest advantage of 4×4 off-road camping trailers is they can be used at conventional resorts and camping sites but will also allow you to experience the most remote and beautiful destinations that are way off the beaten track. Camping trailers are available to suit any family’s requirements and will give years and years of memorable family holidays and more than justify the initial outlay.

Is a 4×4 Vehicle a Necessity?

Depending on the type of destination you want to explore, it is not essential to have a 4×4 vehicle to tow your camping trailer. An SUV or two-wheel-drive sedan may also be used to tow your unit, as long as the towing capacity and ball weight of the vehicle is rated for the trailer to be towed. A 4×4 vehicle is a must for 4×4 trails and poorly maintained roads. You can rely on Conqueror to provide expert advice in this regard and make sure that your towing experience is safe and stress-free.

Which Camping Trailer Will Work for My Family?

The choice of camping trailer will be determined by a number of factors, including how many people need to be accommodated and the features desired. How extreme will the terrain be on the way to the destinations you want to visit? Does the model feature the necessary amenities for my family and me to have a comfortable and enjoyable stay? If you are new to this type of holiday, it is even more important to speak to a company that has a long and consistent track record in the manufacture and supply of camping trailers for the Southern African region and its specific conditions.

Choose a Company with the Right Pedigree

With experience spanning several decades, Conqueror is a leader in the build and design of caravans and trailers for the Southern African market. Initially manufacturing trailers for military use, Conqueror expanded into the leisure and camping market to offer its extensive product range to avid adventurers and off-road travellers. View Conqueror’s comprehensive range of camping trailers or get in touch to take your family vacations to a whole new level.