Caravans For Sale in South Africa

by Conqueror Admin | May 24, 2021

The Best South African Caravans For Sale

Conqueror knows the South African landscape better than most. Our caravans and trailers are now found in faraway valleys, fields and hills all across the country, giving us a wealth of experience that we feed back into our designs, whenever we notice a trend in service and repair requests.

Our caravans were once in the hands of the military forces, being carted across the lands in exercises that demanded consistent performance and utmost quality. These experiences forged our design practices and philosophies, giving us the best possible foundations for the production and sale of trailers and caravans to South African clients.

The wide variety of conditions contained within this beautiful country means that we have to consider the effects of both humid and arid areas on our campers. We also know that the frames and body components of our caravans will be subjected to all manner of natural forces and obstacles, from rocks and trees to harsh sun and hail.

These considerations have resulted in a number of features that altogether set our caravans apart as the toughest for sale in South Africa. Regarding the effects of humidity, our frames are galvanised to protect against rusting. The protection is not perfect, but it takes the rust-free lifespan of steel from a few years to a few decades.

In the very dry corners of South Africa, one thing we noticed is that fine dust tends to intrude into the caravan body and coat everything inside. After a bit of tinkering, we found that a pressure fan does a great job of keeping dust out while in transit. The fan filters air before pushing it into the cabin, creating higher pressure inside. This means that any tiny gaps where dust might get in are instead constantly blowing air out as a result of the high pressure. No more headaches of trying to dust everything off once you arrive at your spot in the Karoo.

These are just a taste of the long list of features and design choices that make Conqueror caravans some of the best for sale anywhere, not just in South Africa. We’ve started trading in Australia, Europe and the USA, with sales picking up steadily as more and more people come across these tough and functional campers.

If you’re looking around at what’s for sale out there in the caravan market, don’t skip taking a close look at our offerings. These hardy campers will follow you anywhere, and leave a smile on your face as you enjoy the great outdoors.