Amazing Camping Trailers

by Conqueror Admin | Jul 30, 2020

What Sets Conqueror Camping Trailers Apart from the Rest?

When it’s just you and the great outdoors, you need to know that the equipment you have with you is reliable and meets all your demands. So, when you’re choosing the perfect companion among the plethora of camping trailers out there, it should be a well-considered decision that takes even the most minute details into consideration.

When it comes to paying special attention to the details that really matter, Conqueror has you covered. You also don’t have to take only our word for it. South Africa’s top-selling caravan and camping resort guide – The Great Outdoors Guide – has named the Conqueror Comfort the absolute favourite among all camping trailers in both 2018 and 2019, with the Conqueror Courage also featured in the top five for both years.

So, What Exactly Is It That Makes the Conqueror Camping Trailers So Outstanding?

We have more than 30 years’ worth of experience in designing and building the ultimate caravans and camping trailers. During this time, we have learned what works best, and constantly strive to evolve our products even further.

This approach has ensured that we deliver camping trailers that are tried and tested to handle the South African outdoors like it’s been made for it – and it has.

  • Fit-for-purpose construction materials: We use electrogalvanized steel for our chassis and core body frames. Doors and furniture are made from aluminium to reduce weight, and tents are made from coated ripstop canvas, avoiding less-durable nylon.
  • Improved chassis: Welding on the chassis is kept to a minimum to reduce the risk of metal fatigue and stress concentration zones, and allow for easier component replacement in case of damage. The chassis is also galvanised for added corrosion protection.
  • All-terrain axle and wheels: Solid beam, braked axles are used, and all campers are equipped with 16” wheels with options to upgrade to alloy rims.
  • Superior body construction: The body is assembled using a range of high-quality fasteners and a high modulus polyurethane glue to reduce metal fatigue and corrosion, and provide a more durable longer-lasting camper. A powder coating ensures a higher degree of resistance to scratches, chipping, wear, and fade.
  • Quality accessories: All models can be equipped with a purpose-made range of tents, awnings, and accessories. Our awnings are recognized as the best designed and of the highest quality in the industry.

Conqueror has an extensive dealer network across southern Africa to provide you with expert advice pre- and/or post-sale, conduct services or assists with accessories. Contact your closest Conqueror Dealer today for more information on our award-winning camping trailers.