Affordable Luxury 4×4 Caravans

by Conqueror Admin | Jun 24, 2021

Affordable Luxury 4×4 Caravans.

Everybody deserves the chance to experience the peace and relaxation on offer in the countryside. The best way to do this, of course, would be in a luxury caravan, but these can end up costing quite a chunk of change.

Conqueror caravans are some of the most 4×4-capable luxury campers available, and our providers across South Africa have a selection of second-hand caravans and trailers that can save you a significant amount of money. These luxury 4×4 caravans are either a few decades old or have only been on the road previously for a few years. The fact remains, they all have the Conqueror touch in common. Our luxury caravans are just waiting to get out onto the open road again with their new, lucky owners.

We have a few models of the Conqueror Commander, for example, from 2014, 2016 and 2017. These are packed with all the features that make them stand apart, including excellent body construction and a range of accessories like shower cubicles, gas bottles and camping cutlery and crockery. These models are going for prices drastically lower than the brand-new equivalent and have warranties and financing available for specific units.

Conqueror UEV-14

We also have a demo UEV-25 for sale, which has finished showing off at expos and is ready to make its acquaintance with the big, wide world! Being a demo model, this camper has luxury turned up to the max, featuring all the extras that we offer, like solar panels, a huge awning and double the battery capacity of the standard model, to name but a few.

Don’t be afraid to hit the dirt though, because this is still a Conqueror. The UEV range has updated designs for suspension and body components, to deliver increases in 4×4 performance, while keeping the convenience and comfort that our customers love. Our UEV-25 demo is actually on sale right now, so act fast to grab it at the lowest possible price.

This UEV-25 and many more pre-loved 4×4 caravans and trailers are available at bargain prices. These make the possibility of enjoying the luxury and performance of a Conqueror that much more attainable, so if you’ve been on the fence about getting a luxury 4×4 caravan, maybe these deals will change your mind.

Contact your nearest Conqueror outlet for more information about our great campers. Our team will answer any questions you might have, and help you find the perfect camper for a lifetime of adventure.