A New Dimension With The Conqueror Comfort

by Conqueror Admin | Feb 23, 2022

Conqueror comfort adds a new dimension to off-road campers.

Going caravanning no longer means that you need to bring the proverbial kitchen sink along to have a semi enjoyable time. Not with Conqueror’s off-road camper range.

Imagine being unrestricted in your choice of where to head off to, not being tied down in your journey by finding camping sites. All that is required on your part is to hitch up your camper, load the family into the tried and tested 4×4 and head out in any direction. Your destination: Unknown.

Comfort camping without the hassles and fuss

With Conqueror’s comfort range of off-road campers, your kitchen sink and more are automatically carried with you. With all the necessary whistles and bells, it will be hard to choose between the Conqueror Comfort Recce Limited or Conqueror Comfort Recce Platinum Edition. Setting up camp, no matter where your ultimate destination might be, has never been this easy.

From beginning to end, camping is made seamless and completely effortless. Heavy-duty ripstop canvas tents and various sized Insta-Awnings turn your camper into a home in a matter of minutes.

Off-road campers that have it all

The Conqueror Comfort Recce Limited and the Conqueror Comfort Recce Platinum campers make camping an ultimate luxury destination.

Space is always an issue when camping. Comfortable and spacious interior layouts provide that home away from home feel with a large bedroom area, floorspace and king-sized bed. Pull-out drawers make it easy to store away clothing and accessories are taken care of with a vanity cupboard.

Torches are a thing of the past. Equipped with batteries, plugs and solar panels you will only need your torches when you go exploring past your campsite in the dark. LED interior lights provide you with the light you need while relaxing and reading before bedtime.

With fully equipped kitchen areas, cooking is a breeze. From gas burners, fridges to hot water on tap as well as dual washing basins, these campers have it all. Easily accessible pull-out drawers and additional ammo crate drawers provide enough storage space for pots, pans, cutlery and crockery.

Instant hot water, supplied by hot water geysers makes cold showers a thing of the past. No more having to boil the kettle so that you can wash your dishes, as the plumbing can be integrated into the kitchen. Water supply is always on hand with water tanks that hold over 150 litres of fresh water.

Unique features provide more luxury

The Conqueror Comfort Recce Limited Edition comes with a range of unique features turning your holiday into a five-star luxury stay. From Recce branded convoluted mattresses, bed linen and tablecloth sets to camping tables and braai grids, you are well provided for. Jerry cans will ensure that you don’t run out of petrol or diesel on your journey into the unknown.

For the extreme adventurist, the Conqueror Comfort Recce Platinum Edition might be more to your liking. Less luxury is provided but the essentials are there.

Exploring the allure of southern Africa while enjoying the luxurious comfort that you are accustomed to and deserve is what you can enjoy by investing in or renting the Conqueror Comfort range. To find out more about what our range can offer you, please visit our website.