4×4 Caravans Range

by Conqueror Admin | Mar 25, 2021

4×4 Caravans

If you’re in the market for a 4×4 camper, one that you can take out into the wilds and not stress too much about breaking down, getting stuck or picking up damage, then you need to consider the Conqueror caravan or trailer, as they are among the toughest on sale today.

There are some important features that you would need in any 4×4 camper, and you should not settle for any that miss out on one or more of these characteristics:


Going out to the truly remote corners of the map requires that you look after yourself and your family. This means that all the fresh water, food and fuel will probably have to come with you. Conqueror caravans have ample storage space accessible from both outside and inside, from the large nose cones to pull-out drawers and cupboards positioned throughout. Our caravans also include large water tanks from 150 litres up to 290 litres.

4x4 Caravans

Dedicated jerry can holders make it easy to extend your range, and the smart electrical controller has solar panel management capabilities to keep your trailer’s lights going, keep the warm water flowing and even power a media centre and TV if you choose.

Off-Road Capability

All the storage and luxury would mean nothing on a trailer if you couldn’t take it out to where you really want to go, and the most beautiful landscapes in the world are usually the hardest to get to. Our caravans have excellent off-road capability, so you can take them out to that 4×4 site you’ve been eyeing without worrying about making it to the campsite.

Our caravans feature independent suspension systems with heavy-duty shock absorbers to provide the best handling performance in 4×4 situations. The tow hitches also feature auto-reverse capability, so you can manoeuvre in tight spaces without the run-in brakes getting in the way of any reversing.

The caravans also feature adjustable stabiliser legs to provide a stable base even on rugged territory.

Comfortable Living

Conqueror campers provide the best quality of living you can get out of something so capable in 4×4 situations. One example of this is the tent extensions that feature in our campers. These extensions maximise the living space inside the caravan, which is kept nice and compact during transit. The extensions make room for king- and queen-sized beds and provide comfortable head clearance.

Of course, the caravan is packed with many other amenities, including the convenient kitchen, large awnings, optional media centre, showers with hot and cold water and much more.

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