4×4 Caravans and Awnings

by Conqueror Admin | Sep 09, 2021

Awnings for 4×4 Caravans.

Even the most beloved caravans would eventually give you cabin fever if you spent too much time indoors. Good use of awnings and drop sheets, however, have enabled campers to maximise the sheltered floor space at their campsites. Then, it’s just to bring out the chairs and cooler box and take in your new surroundings.

Conqueror 4×4 caravans are designed to accommodate a range of awnings up to 360 degrees, with a few other options like 270-degree and L-shape awnings. That’s full coverage around the entire caravan for storage and living areas. This is most convenient in those areas with erratic and unpleasant weather, and the careful use of side panels can control unwanted breezes without much effort.

Having ample awning around helps to spread out your camping equipment to encourage more breathing room. Things that travelled up in the caravan can be stored undercover outside in order to free up space, and unused toys and sporting equipment can be kept dry overnight.

If you’re out doing 4×4 driving, then you’ll want to keep your vehicle weight to a minimum while on the trails. Covered storage space gives you somewhere to put the loose bits that you don’t need for 4×4 driving. No moving items back and forth, simply unpack once on arrival and pack up when you’re ready to go.

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It is easy to give the sleeping capacity of your camp a major boost with awnings and side screens.  If you’re in a large group, and there aren’t enough tents to accommodate everyone, awnings can take the sleeping capacity of caravans from three or four persons to around 10 or more.

The side panels that we provide use thick Velcro strips to create a seal around the panel. This, combined with a loose flap on the bottom of each panel, helps to prevent wind, dust and insects from zipping through your makeshift bedroom. With a durable groundsheet, the space around caravans can effectively become a tent.

Check out the range of awnings that come with our 4×4 caravans and trailers. There’s a Conqueror to suit the needs of any type of camper, from casual glamper to 4×4 enthusiast to committed nomad. Our friendly team can support you every step of the way. We will kit you out with everything you need and offer extensive nationwide service and repair coverage.

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