by Conqueror Admin | Sep 29, 2021

4×4 Trailers Range.

Caravanning is a lot of fun, and the comfort that caravans offer has made them a popular sight in countrysides right around the world. Unfortunately, many of us don’t have the sort of funds to invest in non-essential goods. Luckily, though, camping comfort and luxury can be achieved for a significantly lower price, in the form of a Conqueror 4×4 trailer!

You don’t have to settle for tents and gazebos on your next big trip if you give one of our 4×4 trailers a chance to impress, which it surely will. First of all, you’ll have so much more storage space for supplies and toys of all sizes. Instead of packing your vehicle full to the roof with everything you need, you can spread the load out for more spacious and comfortable long drives.

Your ability to haul supplies will also be hugely upgraded, resulting in more range and options. Remote destinations and hidden gems will be easily within reach, and more options for food and drink can come along when you don’t have to worry so much about space. The water tanks in our two trailer models, for example, are 110 and 150 litres respectively. That’s way more than would be practical to haul in bottles or purchase along the way, if that’s even an option.

Another great food-related benefit of our 4×4 trailers is the super convenient kitchen, which goes from 0 to cookin’ in a matter of moments! The kitchen drawer deploys to present ample counter space, hot and cold taps, plenty of kitchenware storage and even a built-in two-plate gas stove.

4x4 trailers

Perhaps the most convenient thing about a 4×4 camping trailer is the fact that it can be packed in advance for a trip. This allows you to take off on a Friday afternoon after work without having to spend an hour or more packing your vehicle full of whatever you need. Preparing over a few days, as opposed to one morning or afternoon, also gives you space to breathe… relax… and remember the binoculars!

You won’t regret leaving your tent deploying days behind you when you’re enjoying the spectacular view out of the comfort of your trailer tent in the morning. Conqueror 4×4 trailers are designed to have easily deployable tents that provide major comfort for minimal work.

Chat with our friendly team about how to get your hands on a Conqueror 4×4 trailer, and browse the myriad features and extras HERE.