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Conqueror News

Conqueror was again awarded the Best Caravan of the Year Award.

Caravan and Outdoor life ran this competition, in which people where ask to vote for their favorite Caravan. Conqueror Companion came out tops, and two Conqueror Caravans were placed in the first three positions.

Best Caravan 2017 - Caravan and Outdoor Life

CLICK HERE to read the article in the Caravan and Outdoor Life magazine

Letter from a Happy Customer


My experience with the Conqueror Commander purchased in Des 2014
I broke my back in a car accident in May 2014. As a result much of what is required to pitch a tent and set up camp has become impossible. I had to decide to either give up camping or find a solution that would allow me to go camping without hurting or damaging my back.

After 4 months' research and visiting some factories and most show rooms of the major off-road trailer and caravan suppliers I realised that pitching a rooftop or trailer-top tent - especially at the end of a tiring day behind the wheel - would be a risk for a guy who 2 months ago could not put on his socks without considerable pain. Much to my surprise I saw that some of the off-road caravans with the fold out beds were really easy to pitch and in testing a couple of models I realised I could set up the caravans with almost no strain on my back - in the show room!

After seeing how well top brand off-road caravans held their value I decided to buy a new Commander from Conqueror.

Here is what I found as somebody recovering from a broken back over the course of a 3 week 4000 km holiday:

I was really pleasantly surprised how easy and quick it was for me to set up the caravan and the kitchen area with almost no strain on my back.

An added bonus was the practical layout and design of the caravan. As a result of the ample and practical storage space in the caravan we did not have to unpack heavy bags or ammo boxes at every campsite. Almost everything could be neatly packed away in the caravan - quite an achievement if you take into account we are a family of 6 (one a year old baby) and had to pack for a 3 week camping and sea holiday.

My last concern camping with a bad back was how well I would be able to sleep. I am 1.9m tall and in spite of the fact that my wife and I shared the main bed with a 13 month old baby I found the bed fantastic.

Overall, the Commander exceeded our wildest expectations.

Werner Mulder

Conqueror helps spreading the Gospel through Africa

The Conqueror Commander is going to help spread the Gospel in Africa - with the Buchan family and their church.


"So blessed today! Signed for our new missions off-road trailer. It's completely kitted out with kitchen, shower & many other amazing accessories. Can't wait to try it out in unreached Africa!"

Conqueror Off-road Racing Team - Atlas Copco Gold 400 Off-road Racing

We here at Conqueror, wish the best of luck to Philip de Vries and the off-road racing team. They will be competing in the Atlas Copco 400 racing event held this weekend at Westonaria. It starts on the 22 November 2013. We would like to invite you all to come and support our team. For more information contact Thora @

Conqueror Namibia Desert Trip 2013 - Media Releases

Conqueror Desert Trip 2013

Click on the article to view it in .pdf format:

"Grote Griet, Kyk waar ry oom Piet met sy sleepwa!" - Beeld Buite, Tuesday 22 October 2013, Pieter Oosthuizen

"Beweboude met Sleepwa in die Namib" - Beeld Buite, Tuesday 22 October 2013, Pieter Oosthuizen

Conqueror plans to make this a annual event. If you are interested in joining us next year, see the link below for more information. You can also download a booking form.

Information on the Conqueror Namibia Trip 2014
Booking Form for the Conqueror Namibia Trip 2014

Itinerary - Conqueror Namibia Desert Trip 30/09/2013 - 8/10/2013

Ten Conqueror Off-Road Trailers, Seven Days, Conquering the Namib Desert!

See our facebook page for updates, photo's and links to videos.

Trip Route :

HIGH LEVEL (Individual Travel)

  • Meet in Windhoek for supper @ Arrebusch on 2 October 2013 @ 18h00
  • The rest the same as below

  • HIGH LEVEL (Group Travel):

  • 30/09/2013 - Midrand to Kalahari Rest Stop (North of Kang)
  • Camp / Chalets / Bar / Pool / Dinner available - all excluded at this stage
  • 01/10/2013 - KRS - Windhoek - Arrebusch Overnight Stop
  • Camp Site / Dinner - start of tour - included
  • Meet & Greet. Discuss early morning rise

  • DAY 1 - 2/10/2013

  • Windhoek, via the Gamsberg (gravel roads) to Homeb.
  • Camp in the Kuiseb River and spend an hour or so with some practical exercises driving small dunes and sand, in preparation for the next day. Vehicle and trailer preparation, tyre pressure etc. is fine-tuned at this overnight stop.

  • DAY 2 - 3/10/2013

  • Homeb to Rooibank / Kuiseb River overnight stop
  • "Homeb plains" - a colourful landscape of red sand dunes separated by grassy plains / Kuiseb canyon / Camping near Rooibank along the Kuiseb River.

  • DAY 3 - 4/10/2013

  • Rooibank to Conception
  • Head south into the sand sea, navigating through massive dunes and experiencing panoramic vistas that stretch out to infinity. Camping close to Conception Bay, we will set up a base camp for two days, from where we will drive a circle route (without the trailers or caravans), exploring the abandoned diamond settlements and visiting the wreck of the Eduard Bohlen.

  • Day 4 - 5/10/2013

  • Conception Bay area scenic dune driving day

  • DAY 5 - 6/10/2013

  • Conception Bay we head north, towards Sandwich Harbour. The dunes, increasing in size, offer an exciting new offroad experience. The final leg north to Walvis Bay, provides breathtaking views of the Sandwich Harbour lagoon and the Atlantic shoreline.

  • Day 6 - 7/10/2013

  • Walvis Bay - Gobabis area - overnight needs to be arranged
  • Zelda's Rest Camp or Rest Camp at border post

  • Day 7 - 8/10/2013

  • Gobabis Area - Home or another overnight stop.

  • Conqueror Desert Trip 2013

    We would like to thank our Sponsors: Leisure Wheels, Mbizi Caravan Lodge, Opposite Lock,, Power Graphics Heidelberg and Coffeebean Web Designs.

    Conqueror, Dinokeng help to save the Rhino's.

    Foto - Alison Odendaal
    Foto - Alison Odendaal
    Article taken from the "Wegsleep" Augustus 2013

    Die Dinokeng-wildreservaat het 'n stewige dosis voorkomende maatreëls in plek gestel nog voor enige stropers van die reservaat se renosters in hulle visier kon kry.

    Een van die grondeienaars in die reservaat, dr. Charles van Niekerk, 'n dierearts, het 'n tegniek ontwikkel om stropers te pootjie. Die tegniek behels 'n behandeling waartydens 'n soort kleursel - dieselfde wat gebruik word vir banknote in transito - tesame met 'n parasiet in albei horings van die renoster ingespuit word. Die parasiet is skadelik vir die mens, maar pla die renoster glad nie.

    Van Niekerk plant dan terselfde tyd 'n mikroskyfie op die dier en neem DNS-monster. Een so behandeling kos sowat R10 000 en dit moet na vyf jaar herhaal word.

    Die renoster is egter skaars 'n halfuur buite aksie, en as hy daar wakker word, moet die stropers ligloop.

    In Heidelberg, Gauteng het ook die manne van Conqueror besluit om betrokke te raak in die stryd teen renosterstropers. Volgens Philip de Vries, een van die maatskappy se mede-eienaars, het hulle 'n ooreenkoms gesluit met 'n konsultant wat renostersindikate oopvlek. Conqueror het die gebruik van sy waens oor 'n tydperk van vyf jaar gratis aan die maaskappy beskikbaar gestel.

    Die totale waarde van die "huurooreenkoms" is sowat R1,64 miljoen, en Philip sê dit is hoe hulle van hulle kant af 'n verskil kan maak.

    Die Conquest was die eerste wa wat gebruik is in 'n oorgrens-operasie, en 300 km is daarmee afgelê. Tot op hede was Conqueror se geborgde waens betrokke by nog tien operasies. Die wa word gebruik om in te slaap sowel as as 'n "operasie sentrum" waarin die teenstroopeenhede hulle daaglikse bedrywighede kan koordineer.






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