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Companion - Compact and Versatile Design

Companion Features

Main Features

Massive bed (2.1m x 2.1m).

L-Shaped kitchen with drawers for wash-up basin.

Massive all-round awning.



Companion Specifications


  • Fully Patented independent with coil springs, heavy duty shocks and trailing arms

Body construction

  • All body parts NC-manufactured
  • Body strength ensured by skeletal construction with cladding-minimize weight
  • Automotive industry door seals
  • All parts electro galvanized and epoxy coated
  • Chassis beams hot-dip galvanized
  • No wood fibre glass or any degradable materials used
  • Aluminum light weight roof


  • 2 fold-out double beds
  • Massive awning that covers whole camper
  • All furniture and cupboards manufactured from aluminum with canvas fabric doors
  • Ample storage space all-round and wolf pack frame for 4x wolf packs
  • Designated space for table
  • Large nose cone housing 2x gas bottles, pressurized pump and geyser
  • Interior was design for maximum space utilization for ample headroom and large beds

Unique features

  • Modular slide out units for kitchen, fridge, stove and storage shelves from outside
  • Massive kitchen/groceries cupboard and work surface on outside - reachable from inside as well
  • Tents manufacture from heavy duty rip stop canvas
  • Hassle free fold out beds in front and side of caravan
  • Hot & cold water on demand
  • 150l low center of gravity water tanks fitted underneath
  • Designated mountings for 2x jerry cans, 2x gas bottles, axe and spade
  • Rear mounted spare wheel carrier



Compact and Versatile Design!




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